Powerful widgets to track crypto on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Coinlytics is a delivery platform for beautifully designed, highly customizable widgets to track crypto pricing & metrics on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Customizable, flexible visualizations of crypto pricing

Thousands of coins and tokens, over 50 distinct widget design, 14 iOS Widget types, over 170 currencies, 13 timeframes - all this equals customization of your crypto data unlike any other app!

Real time and
historical pricing

Follow the crypto market in real time and never miss the current price, or see historical performance of your favorite coins and tokens.

Powerful alerting engine

Coin and token pricing alerts, coin and token market cap and volume alerts, exchange volume, wallet monitoring, crypto news and more.

Portfolio tracking

Use widgets to show coin/token pricing or your own portfolio holdings, or both. You can also extend your balance checks to your Apple Watch.

Easily sharable

Coinlytics gives you a wide range of options to share your widgets via messaging, social media or any sharable app/channel while still maintaining your privacy.

Over 170 Forex currencies

No matter what currency you want to follow we have you covered. You can easily switch the entire experience over to a forex currency of your choice or cryptos if you prefer (BTC, ETH, etc)

Blockchain metrics

Track metrics about the most popular Blockchains including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin, Dash, Ripple, Stellar, Monero, Cardano, Zcash and Tezos and ETH burned since EIP-1559. We also now support widgets that let you track metrics related to the Lightning Network.

Rewards and Referrals Program

We now support a rewards and referrals program. Refer the app to a friend and if they subscribe you’ll both earn a stack of sats.

Your reward is delivered as a Lightning LNURL which you can immediately redeem into your Lightning Wallet. 

Read more about our program here.


Track the most popular and active cryptocurrencies

Track the latest prices and monitor your crypto portfolio with data from the most popular crypto currencies and thousands of coins and tokens.

Drop as many widgets as you like on your iPhone/iPad and keep up with the crypto markets every time you unlock your device. Customize each widgets by theme, coin, currency and timeframe. The combinations of analytics you can create is endless!



Monitor pricing and your portfolio in over 170 currencies:

  • 170+ Fiat Currencies
  • Crypto base pairs (BTC, ETH, LTC)
  • Precious metals (Gold, Silver)


Track the most popular Blockchain projects

with details including:

  • ETH burned since EIP-1559
  • Hash rate
  • Transaction Counts
  • Block Counts
  • Difficulty
  • Nodes
  • Blockchain Size
  • Output
  • Current Slot / Epoch


Set up alerts for a wide range of conditions:

  • Coin Market Cap
  • Coin Volume
  • Exchange Volume alerts
  • Price Changes
  • Periodic alerts
  • Wallet Address monitoring
  • Ethereum alerts
  • Crypto News Alerts


Enjoy Coinlytics on your Apple Watch with nine watch complications to customize almost any face. Your Apple Watch will update regularly to show you the latest pricing / portfolio holding for the coins/tokens that you care about most.

  • Nine supported complication for broad watch face coverage
  • Thousands of coins and tokens to choose to display on your watch
  • Switch between pricing and portfolio data
  • Supports forex conversions
  • Pricing resolution to 8 decimal places when needed

Pricing resolution to 12 decimal places when needed

  • Portrait & Landscape support
  • iOS 15 ready for full desktop widgets
  • iOS 15 Super Dense widgets
  • Today View support

Coinlytics will never ask you for confidential information such as private keys, passwords, pass phrases or secret codes. Make sure you keep all your crypto credentials secure and backed up.

We strongly recommend cold wallets to hold your crypto – not your keys, not your coins.

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